February 15, 2016

Building a portfolio website

Matcha green tea latte

A personal project turned life lesson

Learning how to create and build my own portfolio website was not as simple as I had previously thought. Like anything else it was a growing experience that taught me a lot and if I hadn’t decided to take on this project on my own, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

It will take more than one cup of tea.

In fact, it will take more than one day, one weekend, one week, or even one month to get everything set up, looking, and working the way you like. It will also take more than one set of eyes, more than one general opinion, and more than one review of your work.

People are often more willing to help than you may think.

It never hurts to ask someone for help. What’s the worst that could happen? They say “no” and you either figure it out yourself, or you find someone else to help. Inside information: Google has almost all the answers.

Sometimes it pays to pay.

A little investment goes a long way. Investing some money now will pay off in the long run when your website is running smoothly, looking nice, and doing exactly what you need it to do. Often you can’t get these results unless you’re ready to dish out a couple dollars. I know for a fact that the small hole in my wallet will be worth it in the end – and not only to give some fresh air to my new business cards that will surely be taking up the extra room.

There are always more lessons to learn.

That’s one thing I love about everything in life. There is always more you can-and will-learn if only you invest yourself. Though sometimes you may invest yourself at the wrong time. Like me, now. I really should be working on my school projects but instead here I am, working on my website… oops. But don’t worry, it’s reading week; I’ve got plenty of time.

I know these are only a few small things, but I’m sure as time goes on and I keep up with my website- and trust me, committing to the website has been the easiest thing to do so far- there is much more I will learn and I’m eager to discover new things every day.

What have you learnt while building your website/blog/portfolio? Any tips?