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Sleep Patterns in Ancient and Modern Day

This report examines the history of sleep patterns, how they’ve changed and how they are impacting our health, society, and country as a whole. 

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Dinner table - food for thought

Food For Thought

Written for Carol Hughes, MP The proof really is in the pudding since evidence shows Canadians are good at following the recommendations set by the national Food Guide. But could this be the real reas…
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Planet earth, globalization

Every day should be earth day

Written for Carol Hughes, MP Millions of people across the country and nearly every school-aged child will celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, but it shouldn’t only be up to them. It’s been said th…
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Women working, precarious work, Roxanne Pepin

Will good jobs be a thing of the past?

Written for Carol Hughes, MP Young Canadians today are on a razor’s edge when it comes to employment. They are often forced into precarious work and are more likely to take unpaid internships and p…
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Review: The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath was originally published under the pseudonym of Victoria Lucas. The author chose to have the book published under a pseudonym in order to protect the people around her and…
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Speech Writing

Why implement a safe injection site in Ottawa by Roxanne Pepin Are you against harm reduction, or for it? By voting against the implementation of a safe-injection site you are voting against harm-redu…
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Advocacy and Persuasion Example

College students should get paid for good grades by Roxanne Pepin Orlando A. Batista once said: “Initiative is to success what a lighted match is to a candle.” I firmly believe that college studen…
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